We Believe in Creating Possibilities

We partner with high-performers to support their personal health and long-term financial health. Our customers are smart and they’re busy. And they choose elite products that are proven to be safe and proven to work.

Career with a Conscience

Financial health means developing a business asset that can create ongoing income for decades, while improving the lives of everyone we touch.  This is our “Career with a Conscience.”

Partnership with Nature

We provide pure, safe, proven products that give your body what it needs to thrive. We create safe products that are safe for you, good for the planet, and do what we say they will do. Every single time. 

Helping You Achieve Financial Freedom

Our mission is to partner with you in crafting a life of significance.

Whether it’s learning to take control of your personal health or earning another stream of income to have more time to fulfill important life-goals, we are here to help make it happen .

Curiosity to be Savy Consumers

Wisdom to be Money Smart

Skills to be leaders and Entrepreneurs


My name is Carolyn Wightman,

and this is my story of how a couple of concentrated eco-friendly cleaning products literally altered the direction of my life.

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Taking a Look — The Philosophy, Culture & Proof

We know the Shaklee brand partner that we represent will not let us down.  The best of NATURE combined with the best of SCIENCE. 

King or Queen of your Own Business?

The Cash Flow Quadrant offers powerful insight into where money comes from and what it looks like from the perspective of each quadrant. 

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